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Primal YOGA

Yoga Therapy

"If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong."

-Masaru Emoto

With the style of yoga I teach, I take people to look through a different lens, finding a connection with what is our most primal state-the four directions; earth, air, fire, and water. Each element has its own properties and when we devote our practice to them we start to understand sides of ourselves we may have been ignoring. Earth is our physical form, our wisdom and creation and with it we find our structure, our foundation. Fire is our spirit, our purification, the heat to burn impurities in the mind and body. Water is the sweet cooling love and trust, finding our emotions and learning what we wish to let go of and hold on to, finding how to surrender to flow. Air is the power, its our allowance, our mental activity and focus, its the spaciousness that we wish to create. It's a system to help build personal growth and understanding with out judgments. Getting to know your mind, body, and spirit in a different way.

Now, how does Yoga in general effect your daily life? With proper alignment and breathe work yoga can be magic. Yoga has an effect on our central nervous system due to the relaxation techniques incorporated. It can help lesson chronic pain, depression, anxiety, headaches, lower back pain, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as increasing your flexibility and increasing muscle strength and tone. The blood flow increases, our posture starts to align, and we get to feel the sensations of being fully present. The meditation side of yoga starts to bring you into a different state of mind, a self journey back into the self. Figuring out how to contain the chaos that lives in each and everyone of us. The adrenal glands get regulated and the blood pressure drops. Yoga increases serotonin levels while dropping cortisol and monoamine oxidase which ends up elevating the mood, bringing people out of a sad/ depressed state. There is a state of balance that comes from this practice, this medicine. It can increase your focus and help you start getting in touch with the holistic style of living. 


Chelsea is very welcoming and open to all her students. At the same time, her encouragement allows her students to be more open with themselves– so that they consider correct poses, focus on breathing patterns and loudly chant along with her to end a class.

Chelsea can quickly pick up on the vibe and make up of each class and expertly meld it with her intended flow/focus. Everyone feels comfortable to complete the flow to their ability. She gives consistent modifications and reminders for students, to where they feel confident in modifying for themselves. When I am practicing with a different teacher, I hear Chelsea’s voice in my head as reminders and support. Chelsea has been very influential in my yoga practice.

-Emily Dubois
After a little absence from studio yoga I signed on for a month trial at Grassroots where I met Chelsea. I liked her first class so much that I couldn’t wait for the second. At which time she informed us that she’d be going on a trip for several days and would be out of the studio. After only having two classes with her I was so moved I counted the days for her return! Seriously. Her beautiful teaching style reaches so close to the soul - through asanas, spiritual knowledge and her deeply moving singing voice, you’ll leave her class as I did, looking forward to more.
She will be so greatly missed here. Enjoy every minute you can with this Dear Soul. You won’t regret it.

-Julie F.
Ventura, Ca.
 ”I am an unlikely yoga student....namely, in my sixties and new to the discipline; but, I have been searching for balance and guidance now for years. I’m a long term meditator, language teacher and householder. I have been practicing yoga only for a couple of months now, and Chelsea has provided a special approach to yoga that I needed. Primarily, she embodies the yoga body-mind connection. 
     Her instruction is clear, methodically paced and she knows how to teach the “what and why” of the poses. There’s both a freedom and solid structure to her classes that helps me create meaningful space in other aspects of my busy life. When you observe her on the mat and listen to her words, you know that her spirit and practice come from an authentic place.”

Angela Polo-Dixon
I’ve only had the pleasure to be in Chelsea‘s classes about a dozen times and now that she is moving she will be deeply missed but glad to hear that she will return for summer workshops and I look forward to take it now.

As for her classes very interesting in the spirit of the class, as she gets our feedback and builds on that while going deep into our practice and is able to push us to new levels,  always encouraging us to be in the moment and present. You get a real sense of Chelsea‘s  style of teaching by her presence in the class with confidence  and poise.  She has many gifts that she shares with us,  not only the yoga practice but healthy eating habits, being a Chef and Health Mentor.  I highly recommend Chelsea with her yoga practice I look forward to knowing more about the food aspect and the health mentor aspect. 


Douglas Wood