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Moon Wisdom - A helpful guide for your Ovulation phase

Chelsea Shapouri


The moon, she shines bright with all of her force, gleaming down all of her wisdom, bringing nature to life. She brings the seeds to their germination, the animals to jump and mate, and the woman to her fullest potency filling up with a wild roar that can’t be contained.

For some of us, our cycle is linked with the new moon making our time for ovulation linked with the full moon. Even if it isn’t linked in that way, you can imagine and still embody the moons essence since it still is a bright and energizing time inside of you. A full moon is bright, opening, energizing, a yang type of energy. It brings activity to sleeping life. You may even notice that people seem either overwhelmed or sometimes frantic, maybe really energized or drained depending on their sensitivity- what is going on emotionally. Either way, it brings a loud energy that can’t be ignored, a illluminating light that brigs clarity, and like many other things, we mimic natures secrets inside of us.


Estrogen increases further to thicken the uterine lining and testosterone begins to surge driving desire. This then drops during ovulation. There is a rise in the FSH which is followed by the rise in luteinizing hormone (LH) stimulates the follicle to release an egg. All of the hormone stimulation starts to activate the verbal and social parts of the brain which can help us be more sharp and clear with our communities, communication, and vulnerability. The bright moon is like the other side of a vanity mirror, when it shines it brings everything into clear vision, so for us, our awareness with our emotions and focus magnetized, making this a great time to dive into important conversations that you may have been pushing off to the side. Open the heart, open the part beyond our mind and dig deep. The light is now illuminating, bringing all of the hidden secrets of the soul out of the shadows.


The wildness, oh how will it want to roar this week. You may feel like a lioness in her fortress, looking for the prey to pounce on. The body naturally wants to mate and create but you my friend are too fertile to listen to that roar. Luckily there are other ways you can unleash this. Sexual energy and desire is a beautiful way of manifestation and imaginativeness.
It is a force and a way to be in pleasure with everything. It is creation and in creation there is creativity. Therefor, the excitement and sexual inspiration can be used for projects like writing, cooking, art, and anything else in the realms for you. If you absolutely need to feed into the craving, make sure to wear protection or engage with out penetration. If you are trying to get pregnant, this may be the right time to get romantic with your love.


Since the moon shines like the sun, we start to carry that energy internally, giving us more energy to burn. We want to let the body easily metabolize and eliminate estrogen surplus. So warm liquids in the morning like lemon water with some ginger, cooling veggies in salads during the day, broths in between, and low sugar fruits for anytime of the day. Stick to lighter grains like Quinoa or Amarth and lower fat around this time. Also, eating mostly vegetarian would be a good choice do to t so the focus isn’t so much on breaking down those proteins, if you need your animal support, I suggest grabbing some local bone broth or having something light like Salmon. When we feel lighter through our diet, it is known for woman to be able to connect more to spirit and intuition.

Exercise focus, burn baby burn. Due to the hormonal shifts, you have more energy to start to burn. Fire energy. Connect with yourself and try to get involved in some hot yoga, barre, dance, and what ever else is calling that will make you sweat. I also suggest taking the time to be in natural light and outside. It can enhance the pituitary gland and help with the connection to the intuitive side of our being.

Here is a playlist I have made for some more sensual, fun movement practices. Click to enjoy :)

Now I want to share with you a recipe, a tea blend I have made that helps a woman just feel even more embodied and in their sensuality. It includes an herb called Shatavari (asparagus racemosa) and this herb is beyond delicious in so many ways for the woman. It is considered a yin tonic and can fill the body with more feelings of compassion, kindness, and a calmness all around. Shatavari is known as the herb “woman with 100 husbands,” because there is a sensuality that arises when we drink this herb due to the comfort and support it has for the woman reproductive system and uterus health all together. The natural ways of a woman is to be wild in all of her essence. To truly feel, being fully embodied in her emotions and pleasure. I do have to add that I would avoid this while bleeding due to the excess dampness in the body around that time. Especially if the blood flow is heavy and dense, try to avoid and have something more like Sheppards purse, mugwort, raspberry leaf, or yarrow. If you have trouble finding herbs where you are at local health stores or herb rooms, try ordering from Mountain Rose Herbs, they are a wonderful company based in Oregon.

This tea will burst your taste buds, your wildness, and your heart wide open:

Shatavari 1 Tablespoon

Rose 1/2 Tablespoon

Orange Peel 1 Tablespoon

Cardamon 1 Tsp

1/4 Cup Cashews (soaked for an hour or more)

(if you are trying to limit cashews or have to much dampness in the body, excess Kapha, omit and use 1 Tablespoon of Ghee instead)

2-3 Dates soaked for an hour

Place all herbs in a pot of water and simmer for 15-20 mins- then strain

Put the cashews in the blender with liquid only enough to cover the nuts, blend till smooth and add the dates. Once smooth, add the rest of the tea and maybe even a splash of cinnamon + cacao powder

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 8.49.46 PM.png